I've been messing around with a single silicone containing product myself for the past week or so!

The silicone containing product: Tigi Curls Rock amplifier (Target 2-pack option. Has different packaging than normal, not sure if different formula)

'cone in question: Cyclomethicone link to article on it Cyclomethicones: A Different Category of Silicones

Application: I followed the product directions the first time, using 2 pumps. 1 pump was smoothed over all my hair, the second pump i scrunched into. All this was on soaking wet hair.

I finished with a handful of Herbal essence mousse (lv 3, CG)

Result: Tons of shine! Soft managale hair! Very Little Frizz! Curls looked rope-y and less bouncy, though i am over do for a cut.

2nd Day hair: hair def looked heavy and weighed down. but it was still incredibly soft and it pulled back into a twist kinda nice, though it started looking a touch greasy.

I kept generally that same applicaiton process tweaking amounts here and there. Been using a low-poo Bed Head Foxy Curls shampoo to cleanse build up as needed.

Currently have it with 1 pump curls rock, 3 handfuls mousse worked into hair, and then plopped. Got way more curl and bouce, but humidity rolled in here so I can't tell if frizz is from process or weather.
Hair Type: 3A, low porosity.
: Deva No-poo, weekly: Lush Squeaky Green shampoo bar.
Condish:Rotating, constant- Deva One Condish, current- Say Yes to Cuc
DT: GVP Conditioning Balm
Styling: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine oil, sealed with DEP lv 10 gel.

I'm a total product junkie and LOVE trying new products every time!

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