2nd day hair to me is something I can get up & go with. Either pulled or pinned back if I have to. If I have to re-wet & re-style, it's not 2nd day hair.
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Yep. For me it's the day after I washed it. I usually shower at night (as I dont have time to do all that in the morning and prefer not to use a dryer on my hair everyday, can't be good for it and doesnt even look as good).

Most of the time i straighten out the top and pull it in a low ponytail with paste and sprays to tame away flyways/frizzies.

I've found if I let my hair completely dry before bed and fix the top and pineapple, I can actually let my hair down the next day and it doesn't look bad. It's a rare thing though. And it can't be raining or humid of course.