Your hair looks a lot like mine! With practice and technique it will probably get curlier. I started out 2b/c and now it's more of a 2c/3a. I co wash 1-2 times a week, and clarify with a sulfate shampoo every 2 weeks or so. You can see my properties and products in my signature. You might like some of them as our hair seems very similar.

CG 4/13/2012
med-coarse texture/med density/low porosity
Clarifying: TJ TTT shampoo
Cowash: VO5 clarifying kiwi lime, Suave daily clarifying
RO: SN or Tresemme naturals, TJ TTT
LI: SN or VO5
Styling: Gels - HESMU, AAV; John Frieda & HETT mousse; TIGI Curl Booster, FX Curl Booster * Fan of plopping & diffusing