Duaalocks, not being able to use humectants (ie glycerin) in winter and/or dry weather is a MYTH. Google it. I live in the Wash DC Metro area where it has been freezing cold lately, and still have no problems using products with glycerin. Explanation is clearer online but my quick reason is that so long as your hair is well moisturized with water in the first place, the glycerin will be "well fed" and too full to pull that moisture (which it can't find in the air) of your hair. To refresh hair on no wash days, I use my bottle spray filled with water to revive my curls.
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I tend to style with my leave in first, then squeeze out excess moisture, then put in gel. Maybe if I applied the glycerin gels to my hair when it is sopping wet and change things around? I'm not sure. (Hey I lived in DC metro area once too! But only for three months and during the summer.) Anyways I will have to google it and experiment more. It just seems that every time I use a gel with glycerine and especially if I leave it in for more than a day (don't wash the next) my hair gets so dry. But it might just be that the protein content in these gels (argan ecostyler, devacurl) might be over-strengthening my coarse hair. The reason why I thought it was the glycerin is one time on day three hair I went to wash it and my hair was so dry and tangled and awful feeling. I went back and looked at the dew points and they'd been extra low those three days. I've experimented since with these products on days in which it was raining and the dew point was higher. Not as bad but there was a discernible difference in comparison to days in which I style with my BFF, kinky curly curling custard. Oh man. I wish I had a hair twin who could do all these tests for me.
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