Your right, my hair is brushed out in the first photos I posted. If I don't brush it out, you can see the curls and it is less frizzy and puffy but after brushing it out, the curls are looser but it is huge and puffty.

These are pictures of me after I shampooed+conditioned my hair. When wet, I only ran my fingers through it and put 4 different type of products! (garnier leave in, ic fantasia serum, aloe vera gel, then tresemme moose-in that order). I let it air dry.

If I don't soak it with hair products, it becomes so poofy and curly. But after putting so much products, it feels gunky and looks dull. Also, I am a university student on a budget so I don't have so much money for lots of hair products. It frizzes up horribly in humid/rainy weather even if I use a lot of products. It frizzed up horribly at school today and it was so embarassing so I ended up putting it in a pony tail and wore my hoodie.

This is why I want to texlax it! I won't use as much products and it won't frizz up so bad in humid weather.
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There's no guarantee that your hair won't frizz in humid weather. My relax/texlaxed hair was so damaged/dry that it acted up awfully in humid weather. Ironically, my naturally curly hair loves the humidity and rain. I used more products when my hair was relaxed, because it was low porosity and never stayed straight (relaxer didn't hold well), and it frizzed horribly.

But really, it becomes really a game of experience. You still sound skeptical, so you can relax your hair if you really want to, but those against relaxing are just warning you of possible side-effects. Also, I definitely recommend having someone else doing it if you're doing a home relaxer...

And you definitely don't need that many products. While I think your hair looks awesome in the first pic, you're right in that for most, that amount of product is a little too much. I usually have 1-2 products in my hair at once, and it's my leave-in and a few drops of sealing oil. I kind of know what my hair likes now, so it's not really that difficult, nor is it a very time-consuming process. It's a matter of getting to know your hair.

But really, whatever you think will work. It was much cheaper/low maintenance for me to go curly.

P.S. I'm a bit confused why you posted such a thing in a forum that is known to be a haven of natural curlies. It's kind of obvious that most of the advice that you'd get is to not relax your hair...
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