Okay, I'll play. :-). I've been experimenting with Suave Captivating Curls mousse (dimethicone).

1st attempt - had just done a DT with CJ Curl Rehab. (Note: my hair is medium coarse, low elasticity, normal porosity - or was, at least, when I had my hair analyzed 2 years ago.) Rinsed out the DT, applied my LI (CJAO), then raked in 4 golfball sized squirts of mousse. Flipped over, raked my hair downward, scrunched in KCCC. Plopped, diffused a few minutes, then air dried until about 90% dry. Had to SOTC before 100% dry because we were going somewhere. Had pretty good results - hair was curlier than with any other product I've tried - even the normally wavy bits had spirals. Hair was soft, didn't feel coated or icky at all. Frizz was minimal at first, but increased later on. I was thinking that might have been because of the premature SOTC.

Next morning hair was good enough to wear all the way down again - usually on day 2 I have to pull back the front (where my hair is normally less curly anyway and gets flattened overnight to boot). I was very happy with my experiment at this point. Third day I pulled it into a high bun.

2nd attempt - today I washed with CJ shampoo and used CJAO as a RO and LI. I used less LI this time and topped the KCCC with a pea of BRHG to keep frizz at bay. However, something went wrong. It started out great, but canopy frizz was approaching unacceptable level as the day wore ons. I'm thinking it could be that I used less LI or because it was very rainy today (my hair, no matter how healthy, poofs into a giant ball in high humidity).

Tomorrow I will likely do my normal 2nd day routine, which is to run wet hands over clumps of hair to reactivate stylers and then scrunch to reform curls, then pull back the front with a barrette or bobby pins.

I am undecided as to what to try next with the mousse - use no LI? Try more or less mousse? I am beginning to feel like my styling technique is the reason I always, always have canopy frizz, but I'm not sure how to switch that up.

I will continue to play with this product until it's used up, and if I can't find a good combo or method to avoid the canopy frizz, I'll reluctantly try something else. (I say reluctantly because the curl I get with this mousse is so great that its almost worth the frizz.)
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