Thanks rbb I think it feels more dry than it looks in pictures...I wonder if it could be a product I'm using this happened last time too. I've heard great reviews and how it was good for DT. Next time I will try without it and see if that helps and I'm still having a hard time controlling my frizz any advice on good products for this?
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what products do you currently use? you can look at my signature to see what i us. let me know if you have any questions about any of them.
frizz can also be due to drying too much with a towel, a curl ease towel, or flour sack towel, or any microfiber towel or cotton t shirt is good, and don't try to dry it all the way, just really get out excess moisture.
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I think GVP CB seems to dry my hair not sure why because it has great reviews but the first time I used it as a DT my hair felt dry and my scalp felt itchy wonder if I'm the only one who gets this reaction. Last night I didn't use it and my hair feels better still a bit dry but not as bad and not itchy. I use Suave clarifying for cowash. Derma masque for DT/LI. SM smoothie & SNS curl activating gel for styling. I'm thinking of trying Biotera gel since I still haven't found a styling product I'm in love with. As for the frizz I use a MF towel but I think I might be squeezing too much water out. Will work on that. Do you use GSO as a sealer? If so does it work?
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