Ha! Shows you how much I know!!

My hair would not survive without a comb. Seriously, there is NO WAY. It would be a matted frizz ball. Fingers alone do not cut it with my mop!!
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I can do fingers definitely but I just love my wide tooth comb. She's so good to me. I do run her through very, very, very gently though. I used to just tear her right in there. Now I know better.

Hey does using a low poo by Shea Moisture make me mod-CG? I think I've heard (read. . . whatever) women who low poo say that they consider themselves mod-CG but then there's mention of sulfate free cleansers in the CG Handbook if I remember correctly. And after all, there's that devacurl low-poo which is more intense on the cleansing scale than my Shea Moisture poo.
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