Other than a disastrous encounter with HETT mousse when I first started CG, I haven't used any mousses until now. I decided to try again now that I'm a little smarter about hair care in general exactly because they're lighter than gel. My curls are not very strong, especially in the front of my hair, meaning that it takes very little to pull them out or flatten them. With gel, I thought maybe my hair was unable to curl up as much as it could because of the weight and because my curl pattern is not strong enough to overcome the gel cast as its forming. I dunno, maybe that makes no sense. But it seems I can either get no frizz with less curl, or some frizz with more curl. I can't find the sweet spot in products or technique that will let me have no frizz and more curl. Such a conundrum!

Anyhow, next wash day I will use my usual amount of LI and a different application method for my KCCC - I think scrunching product in is where my frizz comes from. We'll see what happens, and I will definitely update!
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