I should not need the fluffiest socks I own, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, blanket and (of course) pants to be warm in my own apartment!

I should be able to walk around buck naked and be toasty (especially with the heat turned all the way up).

I think the ice on my balcony door is a sign. Probably whatever is causing that massive ice build up is also causing all the heat in the place to disappear.

Anyone wanna come warm me up? Or better, anyone have a warm place I can escape to with my two kitties (however much I like them cuddling, I know they are cuddling solely for my body heat and that it has nothing to do with them actually liking me).
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You guys are getting hit bad!!!! You're more then welcome here! I'm sure all four kitties will have a ball

I'm just north of Toronto and it was +14 today. Supposed to drop drop to -10 over night though
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Your outside temperature = my inside temperature. This makes me very sad. (-22 feels like -31 today, which is a whole 10 degrees warmer then yesterday)

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