I am glad you started this thread Jas!! I wanna play too:
Hair properties: Dense, medium texture, normal porosity and elasticity. Curl pattern is 3A with some 2C and random spirals/ringlets in certain areas. Length pulls out the curl somewhat. I live in high dews/high humidity.
My 'cone of choice is bis-aminopropyl dimethicone in HE Hello Hydration.
Day one I used SM shampoo, and HH as RO. I didn't love the slip, and my hair was hard to detangle. I lost a bit of hair. I decided not to style it, pulled it into a bun and when it dried, it was in some sweet waves, shiny and soft. I could tell for sure my hair was "coated" with something because of how smooth it was.
Day 2, cowashed with YTC, SM something or another as a RO. Scrunched in about a quarter of HH and the same amount of LOOB, then topped off with gel. Plop, diffused: awesome hair. It lasted through a weekend of dancing, a few workouts and me constantly touching it to see if it was true. After 5 days it was still cute enough to pull into a pony but my head was itching
Next attempt I used the same routine as above but after clarifying, PT and DT. First day was perfect, second I had a little frizz. This was probably because of all the extra stuff I did to it. Nobody else noticed the "frizz" so maybe I was over reacting.
Aaand today I went and got a hair cut! I have just washed and styled my hair with the same routine as above except I added a tiny sprinkle of epsom salt to the HH. I know it's midnight but I am flying to Hong Kong in a few hours and I wanted to see how the cut turned out. 'Cause maybe I got to pack my flat iron, lol. Anyway I am super excited to see the results, my hair is still drying but if it is decent I will share some pics