I love Curls Rock Amplifier. Because it evaporates I don't even really think of it as a regular silicone.
I've been modified CG for a while, so I've been using occasional cones. I've also tried experimenting a much as possible to see what my hair will and will not tolerate. Either I have no idea how to tell, or my hair is generally pretty agreeable. I've had some bad luck with silicone conditioners, but I'm trying a-cone again because I'm reading posts from so many people who are doing well with it.
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Interesting Corrina, my hair tends to be "agreeable" as well, sometimes the strangest things make it happy. I once washed with my boyfriend's Head and Shoulders ('cone filled horror) after spending a day at the beach... my hair looked beautiful. I was expecting disaster but curls, they do what they want lol

Wow! So basically you are using it as a LI/sealer? That's kinda what I'm doing, too.

So you are doing ok with just co-washing? I guess since both our cones don't build up, that is likely ok. I'm still going with my usual routine of co-washing, SM low poo, and Organix low poo as needed (coco bet.) - all on different days, of course!! Lol! Just going with what my hair "wants" on any given day. I'm still very early on in my experiments, but so far no issues with build up, etc.

I seem a little TOO soft, though, so more experimenting is clearly needed!

Keep 'em coming, guys! This is interesting!!
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I rotate the cowash with SM mostly, and L'oreal Eversleek cleansing co. How do you like Organix 'poo? My hair went a little haywire after clarifying with Giovanni TTT, and since the bottle is almost out maybe I'll get something else. I am loving the HH as a leave-in especially since I *never* could use one with the ridiculous FL humidity. I was recommended to try KCKT but I am too cheap, lol. So I went with no leave-in all these months, just gel and some LOOB if I was feeling fancy. I didn't know what I was missing!!!!