I decided to write this because I'd seen soooo many curly blogs praising th deva chan hair salons, and I just imagined girl after girl getting their hair ravaged for 600 bucks... I couldnt let them get away with robbing us blind.

The one lone good thing was Sergio's haircut, that my sister got, he really does know how to cut curly hair. Although her color was a mess.

I went on a saturday to get a lavender ombre...my initial appt. was with Cindy, I arrived late since we got lost, and she didnt seem to happy about that but I showed her and explained what I wanted and she got to work. So far so good.....note that I brought my own color ( LAVANDER ) to avoid getting a color a didnt want. So she tells me that getting my black hair to a pastel may damage it too much ( even though I had gotten magenta done before somewhere else with no problem) so I said THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT MY HAIR IS HEALTHY SO GET IT AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN WITHOUT DAMAGING IT ( important part of the story ) Well a while later shes all ready used up all the color I brought and someone new comes to check my color, and then they leave and call like 3-4 more people and they are whispering above my hair until they say "yeah, umm so we are gonna have to bleach and re-dye your hair...." again I ask if that wont damage it too much...they are like no no it'll be fine.*

So now Jason proceeds to start to bleach my hair, but then Sergio (not a supposed “colorist”) sees him doing something and tells him the best way to do is like this and before long Ive had bleach in my hair for well over half an hour and everyone is with another client. After Sofia, Cindy, Jason and Sergio all do bits and pieces with my hair while I hear words like "pastel pink" "blue" "dont you think thats too much?" being thrown around I start preparing for the worst, its now 4:00 Ive been here all day. At 4:30 I finally see my hair... DISASTER! Royal BLUE with gray blue and strips of blonde and pink, and dark purple in the black, the curls are fried, (in spite of me saying over and over "i trust you guys, just dont damage my hair" )*

When I saw it Im not sure if they planned it they were all like WOOW GREAT AWESOME! and I just wanted to get out of there so even though my mom was arguing that the style didnt look right, Sergio was so happy with it and it was so late that i was just like yea yea its great ok, I asked about my curls they said after you wash it they will come back (NOT TRUE). He snips here and there, and says yeahh when you get sick of it just come back and ill cut it....

Anyways after a few weeks but it just gets worst looking. I tried to get my money back (BECAUSE IT WAS EXPENSIVE) and they gave us the run around, then I checked the bill and realized they over charged us by 125 dollars as well.....

So then I proceed to write to the benevolent leaders, Mr.DaSilva and Mrs. Massey. Thinking that a company so invested in curls wouldnt want a girl with a god awful cut and color done by their salon walking around. Mr DaSilva was outright rude, saying that he can offer me a percent of a percent of the money, and if it'll make me feel better he will fire the stylist, Sergio. Needless to say I was stunned, Ive dealt with nicer DMV people than that! And why would he single out Sergio? When all of them worked on my hair? I was disgusted, and then very relieved when Mrs. Massey responded hitting all the right notes. She was sorry, she would come fix my hair herself, and send me product! Yay.......or not....as the weeks dragged by I started to realize not only would I spend the holiday season with my hair a hot mess, but also Mrs. Massey's offers seemed to be as hollow as their claim to know curly hair. Weeks passed ans she made no attempt to contact me, or send products for my hair. Then out of no where I get a heated message from Mrs. Massey saying that she was feeling harassed! Im like WHAT? YOUUUU ARE FEELING harassed!!!!? SERIOUSLY!? Apparently in my attempts to contact her the first time I had posted on two different facebooks which made her feel bad. She rescinded every offer just as quickly as she had made them. I was furious, then I receive a notification from their customer service, that they thought it was my fault for wanting to do color in the first place! Im no hair color rookie and quickly proceeded to breakdown step by step all the mistakes they made, from not using toner, to having to double bleach my hair. That plus a threat for a lawsuit and they finally agreed to return the cash. No apology, no fix for my hair, no nada. Now Im doing my best to try and restore as much of my hair as I can and unfortunately chop the rest.

Do yourself a favor. DO NOT GO TO THE DEVA SALON. ( also at the salon we asked, their products are not natural. )