Alright, so it was a while ago I bleached my hair. I had 3C hair. A little over a year ago I bleached my hair and had to do it 2-3 times. It RUINED my curls. They are so limp and barely curly on the top anymore. I chopped off my beautiful hair up to my chin and have been growing it out since (there was also a lot of breakage). I deep condition my hair regularly and get hot oil treatments. My hair now reaches the top of my shoulders but my hair isn't quite as curly as it once was. I still high light it occasionally but make sure to keep it as least damaging as possible. I guess I'm worried that my curls are never going to come back, its really upsetting me with this possibility since it's been so long since I had my hair so badly damaged. Will my curls come back? And is there anything else I can be doing to fix it??