Lol! Yes, I have different non-wash day categories:
2nd day hair = ready to go when I wake up, or maybe minor touch-ups.

Ok 2nd day hair = canopy isn't great, but it's good enough to get by if I pull te sides back or braid them, etc. but leave the back down.

Pony hair = not quite good enough to pull only the sides back, but the ends are passable (when clumped together in a rubber band!)

Twist hair = pony won't work. Twisting it up, leaving the ends out, which I'll likely spritz and scrunch in the curl. The worse the hair, the less ends that are left out (length-wise)

Bun hair = hair is a mess, but I must leave the house. Lol! I might put some oil in it and braid it before bunning, or just go for a regular bun.

Oh our complex curly hair!! Lol!!
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LOL I thought I was the only one with categories. I even divide "pony" day into good enough clumps to leave a few tendrils out or ehh, I'm flattening out the front with my comb and pulling it close to the scalp. Scraggly limp curls can still look pretty, I do a twisted/pinned updo thing that takes a few minutes but looks fab. Anything so I don't have to wet my hair again lol. I also do a lot of side braids and fix up the curls around my face. Lazy bun hair goes in a scrunchy but I use the ends to cover up the elastic. I Have gotten so creative with it but for some reason i always feel my hair isn't "done" if I can't wear it down. Maybe it's a leftover of growing up Hispanic??? My grandma always calls it lazy hair