I've been on the depo for 4 yrs now due to uterus didelphys ( double uterus). Due to my condition I've had really bad cramps and more bleeding than a normal female would go through :\. Cuz of the periods I had, I was weak and looked like a ghost all the time and even not having periods of months going by. Now it's been this long on birth control, my body hasn't been the same. My hair is weak, brittle and more drying than ever. I've tried almost everything to maintain it. Also it causing my intestines (large) not be regular. Now I think my body is rejecting it since the cramps are coming back just before I was on b.c and I've been spotting almost close to getting the shot for the past 2 yrs now. I though I was the only one going through this and not even my mom understands this and thinks I'm obsessing over it. *rolls eyes*