My kids are "multi racial", it bugs me to no end that random people always try to shove them in a color category! I only see this in the US, my husband is "African American" ( what ever that means he also has a whole array of European and Cuban ancestors ) and I am German. Aren't we all mixed in general?!
When my son was in first grade he needed to be picked up in school, the school nurse did not believe that my husband is the daddy because "your black and the kid does not look black".
Both my kids have light skin and my husbands beautiful black curly hair that looks like "white peoples " hair.
In the US they are always asked " what are you , are you mixed"?
In Europe ( Germany , Belgium , Netherlands , Italy) they or I have NEVER been asked.
My son in college now identifies as black , my daughter in middle school answers " I am an American German , but in general I'm human, but why are you asking "?
They are both proud of their heritage and culture but why do they have to be a color and be defined by it?
I wish this categorizing by color would stop , I see no reason for it.