Just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else had the same experience.

I have sensitive, dry, pain-in-the-ass skin. Its ONLY saving grace is that i'm not prone to break outs. It doesn't shed on its own, and finding the right combo of exfoliation and moisture has been a long and frustrating road. On the REALLY dry parts it will start over producing oil so that you get the oily/flaky combo, and for years all I used was tinted moisturizer because any makeup would make my skin look flaky and gross.

Coupled with that of course, was dandruff. Even on my eyebrows!
No dandruff shampoo in the world worked, except for the hard core stuff you need a RX for, and that only for a few weeks. The only time I ever got a break from it was when I dyed my hair, and that was only for about a week before it'd start again. I lost hair more often as an adult because of this, and part of why I straightened my hair so much was brushing through and using the hair dryer would remove enough of it so that I could go out in public lol. But at the same time, that would irritate my skin and make it bleed.

Going into CG, I was nervous because I couldnt blow dry/brush out any dandruff I may have. But I can safely say how after about a month in, that I'm magically cured! I guess my scalp just really hated all those harsh detergents I was using on my hair. It was dry and sad and needed some luv lol. I've been waiting to see if it was just a fluke, but ever since day 1, I haven't had a bad scalp day yet!
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