Did you try to put leave ins on soaking wet hair (before remove the excess of water with the cloth)?
You can read my routine in my signature, i use few product, maybe you are still in search of your fav

You could need only 4 or 5 products:
1) light conditioner
2) heavy conditioner (with butter or oils in it)
3) mild shampoo
4) flax seed gel homemade

1) is for CW and for the styling, 2) for deep treatment and for styling, 3) to use once a week if you want and 4) for styling instead of gel and mousse.
Curl Pattern: 2c-3a
Porosity: medium
Density: thin
Width: fine
Lenght: short (jaw-lenght)
2013 haircut: 1/25/2013; 07/04/2013

Routine: modified CG
CW: cone free and protein free conditioners
DT: homemade sheabutter hair creme /Hydraderm sheabutter hair mask+coconut oil+lecitin
Styling before diffusing FSG with hydrolized keratin
Once a month (or every 2 months): henna

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