Have you tried putting your products in your hair when it's really wet (still in the shower wet)?

I found I needed less products and even when I did use more, plopping my hair (you can google a tutorial it's really easy and you can multi task as well) tends to get rid of the gunky feeling.
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I suggested the same thing but i didn't notice you did it before me
Curl Pattern: 2c-3a
Porosity: medium
Density: thin
Width: fine
Lenght: short (jaw-lenght)
2013 haircut: 1/25/2013; 07/04/2013

Routine: modified CG
CW: cone free and protein free conditioners
DT: homemade sheabutter hair creme /Hydraderm sheabutter hair mask+coconut oil+lecitin
Styling before diffusing FSG with hydrolized keratin
Once a month (or every 2 months): henna