Yes, the BRHG has been reformulated and has a new package. Everywhere I've looked the old formula is on sale and the new formula has taken its place. Some places that usually carry it don't carry it at all anymore.

The first few ingredients of the new formula are the same but the rest are totally different. The new gel is less... jelly-like? It's smoother (like pudding), if that makes sense, rather than sticky like grape jelly, or something. I find that it doesn't give quite as much crunch or hold as the old formula. (Must be the more prominent protein. My hair doesn't do proteins.)

I, personally, don't like the new gel, and am heartbroken because BRHG was a holy grail product for me.
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NO, no, no, that's just not right! Why do they mess with success, weren't the curlies buying enough of this product? I sure have been doing my best to do my share. I'm almost out, I'm going to have to go by CVS later today, my fingers are crossed that they have a bottle or two!