This is so silly and pointless, but it really bothers me. Drives me nuts. I know there are waaaaaaay more important things to worry about. But anyway, it's when people say they're from a city, when they're actually from a random suburb outside of the city and don't actually know the city well at all or really even visit the city more than a few times per year.

I live in Boston. IN Boston. I grew up in the suburbs about 20 miles away. I would never say I grew up "in Boston". I didn't. But I do live in Boston. I've lived here for years now. I have so many facebook friends from the suburbs, who I literally almost never see because they never come into the city, and when they do they only go to the most obnoxious touristy downtown places. But then they post all kinds of things about how cool it is to be a "Boston Girl" or are talking about how tough "us Bostonians" are, etc. It just drives me nuts! You live out in the boonies, you don't live in Boston! You're not from Boston! You barely even ever visit Boston! You have no idea how to get around the city (by foot, car, or subway). You don't know the layout of the neighborhoods, and the different defining characteristics, other than random sayings here and there. You don't know the bars and restaurants. You're from Massachusetts. Not Boston. Why is that so hard to face up to?!

For the record, I believe people do this regarding all major cities, and it's just as annoying. It's not a Boston thing....that's just my example because I live here.
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You've said this, in various versions, a few times over the years. I can only think...and I really don't mean to offend here...but you kinda sound like a city snob. We Kuntry Rubes couldn't possibly know The City like a real Jen-you-wine City Dweller.

FTR, I live in suburb 40 miles west of Philadelphia, and would never say I'm "From Philly", or that I even know much about Philly, because I hardly ever go there...but I have been forced to put Philly as my location on a number of forms or sites or whatever, because dividing areas by city seems to be a popular way to sort things sometimes.