Hey all so I cut my hair around 6 months ago and I still have dead ends I don't want to cut them because then m hair will be uneven. I think this might be the reason why my hair is dry? please help!

The first pic is me with the acv wash and the last one is today with tresmme and some water and jojoba oil.
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3b hair
normal porosity
medium density
fine/med. strands
Avatar Pic: March 20th 2013

Co wash: Suave,As I am Co-wash, alba drink me up coconut milk Tresmme Nat., Foxy curls cond.
DT: Organics Cholesterol, Tea-tree oil, Hot 6 oil, Carols Daughters Khoret Amen, Tui Oil
LI: ? Vo5 Coconut
Style: Ecostyler (HG?)
Oils: Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Tui Oil
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