I haven't found a routine or products that I love yet but here is what I do:

-I use sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner

-I use a microfibre towel to dry my hair, just enough so that it isn't dripping. I then apply some sort of oil to the ends of my hair or/and Lush R&B balm. After that, I use a wide tooth comb and my fingers to remove knots. At this point I decide what products to apply to my hair. I section my hair, scrunch the product in and allow my hair to air dry.

Lately I have had the best results with AG beach bomb but am willing to try something new. I have tried tresemmes flawless curls defining gel and I have had some good results. AG re:coil weighed down my hair and for some reason Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion no longer works in my hair(it used to be my HG product).

Do you comb your hair before or after you plop? Do you apply products to your hair before you plop? I will have to try only plopping for a few minutes.

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