I really don't speak the language of science so can someone explain what humectants and dew points really mean for hair and what role glycerin in products really plays in all this. Also opinions on if I'm a wavy or curly? Sometimes I get tight ringlets but it has more characteristics of a wave, like it looks better if I apply product when damp etcAttachment 30629Attachment 30630
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Go to these links:

Dew Points Pittsburgh Curly

Humidity, Humectants and Hair

Hmm well your hair clumps into ringlets really nicely. I'd say more 3A in the second picture and more 2C/3A in the first. A lot of people have both. You can be wavycurly. It's a very common thing, I think. I range from 2C in this one stubborn spot in the back, 3A mostly in front and sides and past crown and 3B around the nape of my neck and underneath the hair. It really depends on how I style it too. Certain gels give me slightly tighter curls but my favorite so far gives me looser ones. I honestly don't care as long as my hair looks and feels healthy. Also hair type doesn't matter so much when it comes to how you should care for it as hair properties which you can read about here:

Live Curly Live Free - Home

I usually apply my styling gel to hair that's damp too although I can do it to dripping wet hair and get decent results. It's just my curls get a bit elongated. I like them more bouncy. Plus if I do it to dripping wet hair and let it air dry it takes a while. If I scrunch out the moisture before I apply product my hair is dry in 90 minutes.
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