I was once a red headed step-child as well. That *itch. I'd like to send her a card full of poop.

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springy, that's one of the meanest things I've ever seen you write.

Bless your heart, and come sit over here by me. (Bring Calvin.)
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She was such a horrible person, poop might be too nice a gift. She hated me and the feeling was mutual.

My dad had a momentary period of insanity when he married her. Thank goodness he came to his senses and my second-mom now is awesome.
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It just dawned on me that Spring and I MAY actually be related. I mean, big head - check; dad married briefly a hag - check; new second mom is awesome - check.

The crappy hag put herself in the hospital for two days when I moved home after the relationship I was in ended.

She hated me and I hated her. She stole all of my paintings which included a couple from an uncle that I loved dearly that passed away. I was so angry when I realized.

I hate that *****. She was a whore. She ****ed for money.

Yeah. I said it.

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