Love Joico products. They've been around since forever and a half and are a favorite among pro stylists. The different conditioners are terrific and the Joico Joigel Firm gel is a staple for me because it works well without drying my hair out. K-pak helped restore curl to my hair after some damage from developer. Not sure it's a good idea to use K-pak as a regular conditioner because there's such a concentrated amount of protein in it. Better to use one of their other conditioners, all of which also contain a fair shot of protein (keratin).
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Does the joigel firm gel make ur hair crunchy? I hate when gels leave my hair all hard. Also, the kpak conditioner is advertised as a daily conditioner, and the bottle calls it that as well. But I was disappointed that it didn't do anything for my hair. That's why I'm using the intense hydrator right now. I'm just hoping that it won't damage my hair or do it harm. I'm bad at noticing the difference between my healthy hair and my unhealthy hair sometimes I would try others but I've spent money on all these products already and I hate to see them go to waste... which happens all too often with me :-/