To clarify, the really bothersome part is when people BRAG about being from the city that they don't live in, don't go to, and don't really know much about. Not just if they say they're from there if someone asks where they're from (although even then I'd rather they say "The Boston area" and not just Boston). It's so pointless of a pet peeve, I know!!!

In my defense, I see my family and friends out in the suburbs about 10 times more often than I see them in the city. Its expected of me to go there; they're not expected to actually step outside they're comfort zone to see me in the city, apparently.

But I will admit that in many ways I'm a "city snob". I love the city. I think it's better than the 'burbs. I fully admit it. If I liked the 'burbs, I'd live there! And if the people living in the 'burbs like it there, they should stop bragging about living in the city. That's kinda the whole pet peeve right there...
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It's harder to visit someone in the city than vise versa...because there's no effing place to park!!!

I would like to live in the city...but I do not want to raise children in the city. The public schools are not up to my requirements, and I cannot afford private school. When my kids are grown, I am seriously thinking of moving to the city, at least for a while.

I don't know any suburbanites who brag, or even say, they live in the city.