I have 2b/c hair , medium porosity , low/medium density, medium elasticity almost bsl long fine hair. I have just cut my hair in long layers myself to gain more volume ( can not find a stylist in my area that can cut curly hair )
While I was experimenting a few days ago with duck bill clips and jaw clips I was searching for something less complicated to add volume I came across one of my hair forks ( been using them for years to put my hair up ) .
My hair was about 50% dry, I carefully gathered it loosely on top of my head , secured it with the fork and left it until my hair was dry.
For the first time since starting cg I had great root volume and overall volume with defined curls.
Worked well for second day hair, just mist with water scrunch, pile it, when dry I just shake it out.
I have not seen a lot of hair forks in the US, but I will try to post pics so you can see what it looks like ( my forks are 1 and 2 pronged metal with jewels or colored marbles on top, the wooden ones don't work well with wet hair), as soon as I figure out how to post pics :-)

This is what they look like

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