I had good luck with the Coconut Suave, but hated the Lilac Lavender whatever the heck. The purple looking one. Everlasting sunshine was actually my very first cowash, but I actually used quite a bit of it on my dogs lol. I did like the Burt's Bees very Volumizing condish, but never tried the As I am line. I wouldn't say my hair is tangly thou, hopefully some of the other users will chime in with product recs.
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Thanks for the good wishes. lol no plans on trying the suave yet. The As I am coconut cowash is $8 for 16 oz. at sallys, I really want to try it because my friend said it realy cleaned her scalp. Also, Shea moisture purification mask worked to clean my hair, but not scalp. If the As I Am doesnt work, I will probably pick up shea moisture shampoo from target & use it every 2 weeks or so. (or however often my scalp tells me to lol)

Meera, I'm a fellow cheap curly! I have the same rule as you - SM is as expensive as I'll go! Lol!

I LOVE GVPCB! But I also use Tres. Nats, which has decent slip for a cheap-o. I also like Vo5 Shea Cashmere. Suave coconut has been good to me, as a co-wash or LI.

SM has not given me good slip. In fact I use their condish as a LI - LOVE it for that! They just came out with a detangler, but it's only at a few Target stores as of now, I think.

I hear great things about yes to carrots, but have never tried it.

If you want a poo that is very gentle, I love SM's moisture retention poo! It feels like a cleansing condish to me, almost.

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lol its awesome that I'm not the only cheap curly. I've never tried the suave, yes to carrots, that specific vo5, or the shea moisture conditioner. I heard the one with the black label is really good though, better than the others. I also love the conditioning balm, its awesome. Tresseme naturals didnt really get through my thick dense hair :/ I had to use a ton to get it to work. As "ve said, I'm going to pick up the coconut cowash and see how that does for my scalp. If that doesnt work for me, I'll definitely be picking up the SM shampoo(:

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