longlivecurls I've done that before too! aah, the dangers of dying your own hair. My stylist was like "um... you know you can schedule a time to come in and I can do some corrective coloring to fix all that" I looked on her website and corrective color is 100 bucks an hour. No thank you!
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LOL...It was a bit embarrasing when the deva stylist looked at my hair and asked why I had so many tones of brown How in the middle it was darker than the rest I had to explain the whole issue with my red hair. He said he would love to fix it cause he would hate for me to have bad color with a good haircut but it was an extra 65 and the 85 for the cut was my limit...Now I laugh about it oh well with all the trends of different shades they have now it doesn't look bad so I'm ok.
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