Hi, All: I started this thread, but the site has not been sending me updates, and I just finished all 4 pages. Here is my update and conclusions. For the past week I have been using a Dove conditioner with dimethicone. with my SM shampoos ; CK, and over that, the 3 in ! Mousse, which has dimethiconol also. (Drum roll please, and blue lights....) my hair is fine. It seems to hold up better in the cold here. Here are my conclusions: 1. if one does not shampoo much and loads up on silicones, yes, that is probably a problems. But, if 2. one low poos daily, like I do, and the cones are a. far down the list of ingredients 2. I dont load up on them, then 3. I really doubt those bad silicones are laying on my hair just waiting to smother it. I think, again, it is a question of degree. I think many of us, myself included, initially, bought the CG thing totally, and the products. After one week of the using only the Deva line, I disliked the feel of my hair, it did not feel clean, and my scalp itched. It is really clear to me that a mild, non sulfate shampoo is important; it is less clear to me that cones are to be avoided at all costs. Maybe tomorrow I will try a different routine just for contrast; but it is also nice to know that I dont have to spend $26. on the Deva Foam to get good results. I suspect that in the warm weather, the routine will change again. BTW, I dont have the new SM products in my area, and would love to know how the mousse is!