I will definitely try your method dusalocks. Everyone is right, I do not need so much hair products. I just thought that the more I will put, the less frizzy and puffy it will get but it felt disgusting. And now that you tell me the that mousse does volumize, I feel stupid for using it!

Dusalocks, is conditioner more affective than leave in conditioners? Also, when I apply the leave in and gel, do I pull on the hair? When you are removing the excess water with a shirt, wouldn't you do removing the products?

I really wish I figured out my hair and what it likes when I was younger! I was a tomboy and never cared about my appearance but now I am learning to be more lady like
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Sometimes just one product does the trick. I used to use just Tigi catwalk back in the day when my hair was a bit shorter (like a bob) and therefore easier to manage. My hair looked cute, but I wasn't able to keep the frizz away with that product either. Ever. Plus I had to shampoo daily. And any longer than my shoulders my curls would get so unmanageable/unruly/frizzy that it just got easier to wear it straight.

Oh don't feel stupid. Lot of people with curly hair like mousse, just usually those with finer or lower density sometimes. You look like you're like me. Higher or medium density and pretty thick. So gel is better there. Um, I think I was always a girly girl, but it just took me a long time to figure out what really worked for me. Using the t shirt might remove product but I only do it after applying leave in. That way it just absorbs water and the conditioning agents are already in my hair. Some people use the t-shirt or towel at the end of styling and then reapply a little more product. Or they just plop aferwards. It's all about what works for you.

As for the relaxing, why don't you ask one of the youtube gurus whose hair looks very healthy which relaxing treatment she did and how she maintains it?
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