OCD? curlies, myself included, OCD? you mean that large product graveyard means I am OCD? the fact that I keep trying different products to get better (maybe) results from one day to the next? The fact that last summer I went through three stylists? Me, OCD about my hair?

Thanks for the thanks for starting this thread. What really struck me was that all my life I have resisted the tendencies to accept "gurus"; or "the Perfect Solution"; and yet, here I was , accepting things that maybe I should not have been. I think the jury is still out, but as I said in an earlier post to Jas, I refuse to accept that cones have the ability to stick to the hair with such tenacity that it practically takes turpentine to remove them. I have yet to hear any one say they dont wash out. They may not wash out if you you have weeks product on your hair, and then you do a low poo or a co wash, duh, that is not going to remove ANY product build up.