I am Haitian too. Your friend has a good point. I love my Haitian, Dominican friends and everyone else.
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Haiti represent whoot woot! Lol. Sak pase?!

Yea im not even going to lie i had a hard time excepting their ways especially towards us. But this guy im talking about makes up for all of the ignorance lol. He taught me a good lesson

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Helloooo neighbors! Haha

By the way I'm glad you guys have people that show you contrary...it's no lie that Dominicans belittle Haitians whenever possible. I can't explain if it's historical (disdain coming from when D.R was ruled by Haiti) or racial (because we're sooo white you know, lol) or what but...it's a problem and a damned shame.

I can't wait until I go back to D.R (Dec 2013) and rock my natural! I'm still transitioning but I pray I'll be able to get a good, big ol' afro if I disrupt my pattern...my Dominican family might just put me on the next boat straight to Africa but I'll risk it to make my statement! Lol

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