Yeah, Im def spreading the news, sending it to as many curly hair blogs as I can, simply because thats the reason why I chose that salon!!! My friends and I had taken Massey book as some kind of curly hair bible and I was hearing about how curly conscious the salon was everywhere so I was super hyped! Christina, you are totally right, I found it weird they didnt do a consult but I was sold on the company so the whole time i just assumed they knew even when all the red flags were waving. I feel like had it been a not curly centric salon a probably would have been like HOLD UP! whats going on?! But oh well..and Korkscrew I cant find how you post reviews here, and I didnt even find the salon in the salon section...but you bet I posted it on yelp. It cant be coincidence that both me and my sister had bad color...that just means they dont do color well period, and double bleaching is something not even a straight hair salon would do. Thanks ladies...!