The Joigel Firm doesn't dry crunchy on my hair, not sure about how it'll react to yours. They also have Joigel Medium (hold). They also have a mousse (JoiWhip) that I seem to remember worked great, their lotion too. Now they also have Power Sculpting Gel. I imagine that one might leave crunch, not sure. I'm probably leaving out other products they have.

Okay, my bad. I stand corrected. I totally forgot that there are several Joico products listed under the K-pak heading. It's the two K-pak Reconstructors that you don't want to use too frequently because they contain a mega-dose of keratin that should only be left on hair for up to an hour at a time (though the directions say not to go beyond 5 minutes). So, yes, you can use one of the three other k-pak conditioners (the "Intense Hydrator" - which I haven't used yet, but own, the "Revitalisant", or the "Split End Mender", all of which of course contain keratin, but not as much as the reconstructors). I think the Revitalisant might contain silicones FYI.

If you're interested in other high quality conditioners that contain protein (in this case: silk and wheat), another great investment is the Kenra product line. Their conditioners are very hydrating.

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