Amaya, if you go to look at the top of this page you'll see a series of gray tabs, starting with "Hair Types" and ending with "Shop". In the middle of that row you'll see the word "Salons". When you scroll over that button, you'll see a menu that includes "Salon Reviews". Click on that tab.

Once you're on that page, you'll see the words "Salon Finder" on the left of the page. Enter the name of the salon, plus the address, etc. into the fields provided and click "search". The listing for the salon should pop up and you'll see an option (in small green print) to "add review". Click on that and add your review. ... Now if the salon isn't in the search bank, you can add it yourself by clicking on the tab toward the top (left) of the "Salon Review" page that reads, "Submit your own fabulous salon/stylist recommendations."

ETA: I thought about this a little more - I mean, your experience - and I still TOTALLY understand the scale of your anger toward the knuckleheads associated with your experience (I'd be spitting nails)! At the same time, you may want to think about targeting only the specific stylist and the specific salon you went to (and of course mention your encounters w/Ms. Massey), rather than encouraging against anyone associated w/the Deva approach. I suggest this because not every Deva salon or Deva stylist is catastrophically horrendous like the salon/stylists you had a problem with at that Deva salon. Reading your story I can't help but feel you "won" some kind of weird anti-lottery that day, where all the wrong people and things happened to you all at once under one roof. But as intensely bad as your experience was, most Deva stylists I've been to don't buy into all of Massey's ideas or her entire approach to hair. Many only borrow the idea of cutting hair dry and do a lot of their own improv after that. And I've NEVER had the kind of treatment you describe. So maybe you could consider taking this into account w/your review/s.

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