One funny point: Facebook does encourage people to claim cities in which they don't live, simply because it won't let you identify by state or region, instead. It has to be a city. There is no way I'm posting my podunk, less-than-5,000-people, nobody's-ever-heard-of- it rural exurb 50 minutes outside Boston. Why, stalkers could find me at the general store! (If they could find the general store).

So according to FB, I live in Boston. I don't. I also don't tell people I'm from Boston. I tell people I'm from Massachusetts. If they're from Massachusetts, I name the town and then explain where it is. I do, however, identify with Boston because I go there fairly regularly. (My stylist is there, so every 8 weeks at minimum; often more). I occasionally post a funny article about Boston (drunkest city in the USA! Whoo-eee!) On Facebook. And yeah, sometimes I feel like I don't have the right to "claim" the city. But it's hard to quantify the kinship that people can feel for certain places.

I understand your rant and am not offended by it. Your post made me laugh. You're "owning" the rantiness, and I get your point. I do wish that FB would let me identify by state, though.