Aha... it's really kind of an experiment. There's truly no "perfect" way to deal with your hair when it's in any state, and your attempts to are probably going to be very far away from this because you can't know your natural hair properties yet.

There is no designated "wash" day either. I'd base it off of how much you sweat and what products you use. (Some products accumulate build-up faster than others). I wasn't CG when I was transitioning until the last six or so months, but that method really helped me with moisture retention. I washed... once every 3-5 days probably, but that was just me.

The most important thing is definitely moisture though. Especially for transitioning gals, the hair tends to lack enough of it. To seal, people either use leave-ins or oils (it depends on your hair). However, make sure that the oil is a "sealing" or "coating" oil, rather than one that will be easily absorbed into your hair (such as olive oil). Some oils people use are jojoba and grapeseed oil.

And about "speeding up" the process... the whole point of transitioning is to grow out your natural hair. Besides resorting to special hair growth supplements, nothing will magically speed up the process, but keeping it healthy will help you retain length and possibly grow a little faster.
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