People do this in New York too, whereby those from Long Island and upstate in Westchester (both areas which are suburbs of NYC) claim they're from NYC. Not all people from the suburbs do this, but a fair number of them do. Never mind that they may only work in NYC or set foot here several times a year. It doesn't rate as a major pet peeve of mine, though. If they're so embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they live in the boonies and would rather claim they live in NYC, the issue's with them, not me.
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When I moved to Ohio from Bklyn, NYC, I would run into kids from Long Island or NJ who always tried to rep like they were from NYC and expected there to be this bond btwn us.

I can't say I was "bothered" by this, and I was glad to find other ppl from the East Coast but the reality was that we didn't necessarily have much in common culturally. I mean, we just didn't. We could be homies and all but where they were from (other than the pizza) was about as foreign to me as Ohio.