Anyone ever find a sibling or other relative through social media?
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Omg yes. My two sisters on my dad's side found us through facebook. Our aunt lied n said she hadn't seen us since 97 (lie), that we have our dad's last name (lie), and that our mom didn't want us to have anything to with that side of the family. Total lie. Anyway, they finally looked us up by our mom's last name and found us
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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I found my sister about 7 years ago but she would never respond to me so I let it go. Now I found out one of my cousins on my moms side is pretty close to her and her family and he wants me to reach out to her again. I want to but I feel like she isn't interested.
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I thought the same thing about one of my cousins. I found her on MySpace and gave her mine and my sister's number. She called ny sister but not me. So I let it go too. But later I found out she was going through a lot, abusive relationships etc. A few years later we all got reunited and it wasnt that she wasn't interested, just life.
If I were u I would see how it goes. Sisters are important of course.. I would try to reach out once more but maybe in a family hang out type thing. You and your cousins can invite her out to dinner to catch up and if she doesn't tried
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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