Ohhhhh weeeee, Scandal is right!

***SCANDAL SPOILER*****SO West Coast peeps beware!!!

I am going to call this right now. There are more than two men in love with Olivia Pope. At first I did not understand that look Harrison was giving old Edison when he first came to the office to ask for help w/ Liv, until that scene where Harrison holds Liv's hand.

Harrison looked at old Edison like he was the embodiment of a weak a*$ man, the type that cannot live up to being a true partner for a women like Liv. Anything Liv asks Harrison to do, he does, no questions asked. It will be interesting to see if Shonda develops this.
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I was thinking that as well. Harrison got a thang for Olivia. The way they looked at each other...yo. That was kind of intense. Maybe I'm reading too far into it though. It could be nothing.

But I just thought of something. Didn't he and Quinn have a close relationship as well? You think that could complicate things between him and Olivia (potentially)?
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CocoT, I will meet you in the other thread dearie!
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