I am going to call this right now. There are more than two men in love with Olivia Pope. At first I did not understand that look Harrison was giving old Edison when he first came to the office to ask for help w/ Liv, until that scene where Harrison holds Liv's hand.

Harrison looked at old Edison like he was the embodiment of a weak a*$ man, the type that cannot live up to being a true partner for a women like Liv. Anything Liv asks Harrison to do, he does, no questions asked. It will be interesting to see if Shonda develops this.


I was thinking that as well. Harrison got a thang for Olivia. The way they looked at each other...yo. That was kind of intense. Maybe I'm reading too far into it though. It could be nothing.

But I just thought of something. Didn't he and Quinn have a close relationship as well? You think that could complicate things between him and Olivia (potentially)?
I don't think Harrison and Quinn are that close. He was more of a mentor to her in the beginning and tbh she just does not have that unshakeable loyalty to Liv. She is definitely not as ride or die as Harrison. She asks too many questions, like a petulant child instead of just going with the program.

Also, I watched a SAG clip of the cast and Short says that the writing is so precise that subtle nonverbal looks between characters is intentional. Harrison has never shared one of those looks with Quinn.
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