I also googled it and wasn't able to find the exact link yet (more bad dew point stuff like morgan) but found something off this one site (I wish I'd bookmarked it) about how good glycerine is at retaining moisture, which made me think maybe I'm just using it incorrectly. . . I'm hopeful. Glycerine's in everything so I'd like to be able to get along with it.

All right so I'm adding this because I thought on it some more and did another google search with a more specified query. This time I landed on this link, but I'm skeptical of its claims because it's by oyin and, naturally, they'd say this because they want to sell their products:

Why It’s Okay to Use Glycerin In Winter | Black Girl with Long Hair

Also, why would I apply my glycerine gel or products before a shower? That would rinse them out. Maybe they're alluding to the supersoaker method.

Then there was this:

The Glycerine Dilemma | Savvy Brown

which confused me with the part about it being 70 degrees out and having to watch out for alcohols. I wasn't sure whether they meant the glycerine or other alcohols. . .

And this:

Hair Tip of The Day- The Truth About Glycerin | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care

which made me feel hopeful again. I think I'll have to just tinker with my styling technique.


This which actually says glycerine can help your hair grow:

Glycerin for Hair Growth | eHow.com

(Color me skeptical on that one. I think hair growth is genetic but influenced by diet probably first and foremost. Retaining length and stopping breakage is a different story.)

This which goes on about the virtues of ky jelly (of all things!) for your hair. FYI natural haven is actually the site in which I found good things about glycerine earlier this week:

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Glycerin: Good Stuff in a funny form!

And this:

Is Glycerin Good for Your Hair?

which kind of makes me think glycerine is a bit of a tricky devil again.

So end result:

Not sure. I'll have to keep at it.
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