This episode was really good. One powerful moment in this episode was when she was laying in bed,Edison walks in and trys to touch Olivia, but she snatches her body away so abrupt and strong- I felt that. That was real cold, Olivia. Lol

I think it was the First Lady. That scene in the limo she didn't want to get out, like she ha second thoughts and didn't want to follow through.
Originally Posted by my3curlies
Hmm.... interesting. I don't know of it could have been Millie though. She wanted him to be President. She put in work for it.

@cocodej, I agree with you about Harrison. This episode solidified that theory for me because I've been thinking that for a little while now. But I don't know if I would be able to handle them being together or "take it there." The intensity already overwhelms Plus, it is already too messy. Olivia is in a very vulnerable place, moreso than she's ever really been in before. Harrison doesnt know about her affair with the President. It's just too much.

And I think you're right about Quinn. I just have a strange feeling.

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