I'm a fan of the LA looks sports gel, and its 2 or 3 bucks at my grocery store.
I also like the V05 conditioners for co-wash, except that after a while doing that its just too heavy for my fine/dense/fluffy hair, so I have to no-poo or low-poo. I also like the DT and protein treatments from the grocery store which were maybe a buck or two per pack. I've used a few different brands and they were all fine. I can't offer much advice on other stuff though since I'm currently using up my Deva products (which aren't very cheap) and just started experimenting with curl keeper and AG recoil, neither of which i'd call cheap either. I know suave naturals has been mentioned on here a lot.
CG since 1/3/13
Fine, Dense, Med/high porosity
prone to fluff
years of straightening and coloring damage currently being repaired!

Washeva No-poo
Co-wash:V05 Free me Freesia
LI/RO/DC: Deva one conditioner
Stylers: LA Looks sport, Deva light hold, CSCK, AG recoil

experimenting with protein and moisture