This has turned from a positive to a negative thing in a matter of mins. Because your name isnt on my list your upset and bashing my post?? I dont get how anyone whose name i didnt name can get mad when i never see or get advise from you?

Sorry to all those who are offended but clearly this isnt the post for you. You dont care But you took the time out of your day to not only read but make a mean comment thats exactly why your name isnt on here. We are all free to post whatever we want if you dont like a post keep it pushing. Your negativity is not welcomed on this post.

Its amazing to me how much negative attention my non hair related post gets when there are dozens of post out there in serious need of tips and advice that doesn't even get viewed.

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Originally Posted by dee-nature
I hope you're not referring to me. My comments weren't mean or negative, and I clearly couldn't care less about making someone's "favorites" list here. Did you actually read what I wrote? The only people whose opinions of me I care about sleep under my roof on a regular basis. Period. I'm not sure anyone who posted was offended by their absence from your list! LOL

Sorry you can't see how a thread like this has potential to go awry--even without "negative" commentary.

I am SERIOUSLY fighting the urge to slip into grammar nazi mode.
OK, I admit it.....I'm an alias! I wasn't born with the name Honeycurls!
Dood, get over it; there's no time limit on lurking.

I so busy runnin' allllllll over the place and ain't nobody chasin' me!