I think you're so right about no one approach to hair being right for everyone (Massey's included). Also, that float test (for porosity) is useless IMO, from my experience.

The one thing I noticed - and I'm unsure it's even related to your problem drying your hair - is that you're using a rinse out conditioner and then you are layering a lot of different products: applying LI, then following that up w/EVOO, then Eco Styler and then more oil (argan). So I have a question about that (And please don't take offense to it if I'm not speaking directly to your experience):

What do you want your hair to look like once it's dry - are you actually going for a kind of "wet look", without it actually looking wet?

I ask because sometimes people w/ultra curly hair have curls that look one way when wet, but another way (tighter curl pattern and less defined) once dry, which is normal for them. But then excessive product is applied to try and make it stay wet looking. Then, the minute the weather changes too drastically or a dryer is applied, the curl does exactly what it wanted to naturally do in its dry state: curl up more. Just raising this question because of the extreme nature of your complaint, because if this is the case, it's an uphill battle that can't be consistently won and the answer could be more about accepting the hair's natural curl pattern when dry.

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