So this new position has opening up in a different department. Slightly more money. Totally different responsibilities. But maybe a chance to break out of a bit of a career rut I've gotten into?

My two main concerns are:

1) I've never applied for an internal position. Will it be awkard if i am interviewed and don't get it? How do ppl handle that kind of rejection and remain professional and friendly? (Or maybe it's not as awkward as it seems?)

2) I have a kind of cushy, easy set up where I currently am...meaning, no one is looking over my shoulder or breathing down my neck for anything. I set my own pace and pp pretty much leave me alone. They guy i would be reporting to seems OK but i haven't worked w/ him before and I seriously doubt the new situation woud be as flexible and accommodating as the one now. Risk that for a small advancement?

It's been a long time since I've appied for a new position so my thinking might be all wrong...